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By Michael Marrotti

The mutual
combat law
has ruined
my life

An aggravated
assault charge
along with two
counts of
disarming an
officer hasn’t
been much
help either

The award for
angriest poet
is rightfully mine
with one hand
balled up in a fist
as the other hand
does all the typing

This is my
viable alternative

This is my form
of reluctant pacifism

I could say
fuck my life
all day long

I could
about dishing
out bodily harm
for the rest of
my miserable
but here am I

Using words
instead of violence
when I’m unjustly
for whatever
biased reasons
the fist is more

I’ve faced
the facts
head on
and lost

The system
has prevailed
my fingerprints
are on file and
smeared on
a bottle of

This two time
loser is disarmed