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By Daniel Lucisano

Ugly cunt∗, with the brown skin
The night before, I fucked my shin†
Crossed the road, Nowra‡ somewhere,
No shoes at all, he was left bare.

Leather coat, trenched to his knees
Sore sight for all and none to please.
Walking where – residence unknown§,
No shoes at all, he’s to the bone.

Gather shrapnel∗ and purchase lunch
He’s straight and stiff no sight of hunch∗∗.
Tired and cold, it’s time for rest,
No shoes at all, no shoes is best.

Clad in black no other tone
Barefoot brigade across the stones.
Head’s in space it’s way up high,
No shoes at all, no lace to tie.

His soles were just as dark as him
The sun shone bright but he was dim.
Where he walked we’ll never know,
No shoes at all, no shoes, no, no.

* For sake of a better term
† The day prior I saw a play at the Belvoir Theatre, and totally copped shin splints trying to make it on time lol. This is a direct reference to that.
‡ Denoting my current location, Nowra, NSW, 34.8833° S, 150.6000° E.
§ Suggesting homelessness.
∗ Suggesting homelessness, also.
∗∗ The guy was literally like a wooden ruler. No joke.