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Written by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi

A new born baby is a tender flower;
She is like a lamb without any power.
One day perchance I should tell you now;
What I did if only you would allow.

Alas, I tried to groom little Gracy’s nails;
Her fingers were tender, her nails frail;
But I was as sure as a farmer with a yoke;
And cut across the top with a single stroke.

She opened her mouth and shrieked in pain;
And blood started flowing as sheets of rain.
An arrow goes forward when the string is released;
Every minute she suffered, my sufferings too increased.

She was crying hard as she was in much pain;
I cannot express but only lament in my refrain.
Soon the cut was healed and now she is fine;
Please forgive me God as the fault was only mine.