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by Eos

The reality is
The longer I live
The less I see
The point in it


I hope to believe
In a thing
Bigger than us
Maybe not bigger than love
But something to make march
To cathart our hearts
Until they beat in time
Determine benign divine?
We are all aligned
Fufil the ideal that feels real in your mind
Without the fear of the insincere criticising your sunshine
Light fractured in sacrum, depict what entrails
Blinding out through, illuminate the fable
A tree that believes to bloom in January
Is perceived as deceived by some in actuality
We are all seeds to be sowed
Books to be burned
But stories to be told
An unholy enthrall to top the pedestal
Nos and ones, do and undones
The world wakes into the next one
Life may be made from steel and stone
But atone and hope that’s the real love eloped.