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By B.D.

A proclamation of sorts, “no anal” she wheezed
Two hours are yours, go on do what you please.
A thrust in there deep, thighs pressed she had squeezed
a black gown, white heels, the lace there to tease

The heated exchange met breaks in-between
Raising the shaft, ensuring I’m clean
Pressed upon foam, nude, wet, and sterile
The tendency to bite, not often my style.

The extra-large wrap, she lay there and laughed
at my inability to master the craft.
The post-work beers, now out of control
Ready for more, she slurped on my pole

My expenses were capped, enough is enough–
Why did I choose the one into freaky stuff?
Razor-sharp nails, clawing into my skin,
this is where the fun really begins.

Panting and drenched, physically drained
The conversations we had, our futures explained
Gobbling various dick, does she got a will to live?
She couldn’t resist, the schlong I would give.

The hand hit the hour, the time all used up
Ready for more? I gave my reply, a stern, polite “nup”
Would not let me go, dick stiff and pinned down
400 of hers to the pimp, nut bust pearly crown.

The fun swept away, the yeast had ran out
The ringing of bells, she began to pout
Please do not leave, kept begging for more
How’s how I’ve become, a foolish man whore?