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I’m sorry
You seem lovely
But I just
About the things you love
So please don’t try
To care

You’ll have to excuse me
When you ask what I have planned for the rest of the night
“Study,” I mumble, and you watch me curiously
“I thought uni had finished for the year,” you reply, and I stall–
Lies don’t usually backfire this way
“I’m doing a summer semester.” Quick, smooth, effective.
You nod. “Oh, okay.”
You give me your number. I give you a number in return; mostly mine, change a single numeral
You’re excited
You think you’ve hit the jackpot
You’ll text that number twenty minutes after we part:
“I had fun tonight”
Some poor person will receive this and frown
Text you back, “Wrong number”, and for the next few hours,
feeling down

I’m sorry
You seemed lovely
But I just
About you, as a person,
When it was so obvious
You didn’t care about me
But only the things I can offer:
An easy fuck, quick satisfaction
I know how this dance goes.