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By Anon

Aight so
>be me
>strong 8/weak 9
>sitting on tinder bored
>superlike 9/10 half naked chick to see if she responds
>start talking to her
>try tune, ask if she wants to get a drink
>go get coffee with her that night
>she jokingly says she’ll show up without panties
>the madwoman does it
>get more than moderately sloshed
>go back to hers
>she drops that shes a stripper on the way home
>decide fuck it, she’s hot and I’m committed
>amazing sex
>she calls me daddy and tells me if I don’t start choking her I can leave
>good root, go around a few more times that month
>she stops booty calling me but still talks from time to time
>MRW when I get friendzoned by a stripper