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I’m not even sure how to approach this review. I liked the book. I thought it was funny, often challenging, but altogether, thought-provoking. Over the course of reading it I looked into other people’s reviews — they labelled it “controversial” or the “new Mein Kampf“. I haven’t read Mein Kampf so I wouldn’t know how similar it is, but all I know about Milo is that he’s different. And when I say different, I mean an openly right-wing homosexual.

I spent a good deal of time looking for this book while I was in the US. I thought it would’ve been easier to find over there, but it was as they say — the book has been banned from major bookstores. But for good reason? I think that’s something you’d have to decide for yourself.

Dangerous discusses freedom of speech, political correctness, and the art of trolling, before Yiannopoulos delves deeper into his more personal affrontations. Chapters titled “Why Twitter Hates Me”, “Why Feminists Hate Me”, “Why Establishment Republicans Hate Me”, etc. details the personal run-ins he’s had with mulitiple movements and establishments. Milo claims a lot of people consider him a “villian” of the internet, alongside ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli. Dangerous is essentially a testament to that label. He explains how he sees the world, how people should see the world, and why the ones who see it differently are wrong or misled.

In a way, the book was published purely to incite anger or frustration in any particularly susceptible individuals. While I felt neither of those things as I read it, I did feel amusement and sometimes confusion. Yiannopoulos delivers his points with wit and no shortage of sarcasm, however, personally I find some of his ideas a little whack. That doesn’t mean I’m going to give it a bad review, though. As stated earlier, I didn’t mind the book. It was easy to read. As a writer, Yiannopoulos is quite good. You’d hope so, anyway, considering he worked as a journalist for most of his life.

I’m not going to dismiss the power that words can have on readers. Books have had influence over the masses for centuries (consider The Bible), and I won’t deny the controversy surrounding Dangerous. The reality is that it has gotten people mad, it has affected some readers. People have a reason to dislike the book, and I can respect that. Some people, also, have a reason to buy the book, whether it be curiosity (like myself) or they’re already an avid Milo follower. That, I can respect too.

Perhaps I’m a little biased. Perhaps I like the idea of a rogue journalist, after studying contemporary journalism myself and deciding it’s a load of bullshit. Perhaps I like the idea of someone going against the grain and giving their opinion whether others want to hear it or not.

If you’re thinking about buying Dangerous just to denounce it, or just to take a picture of it burning and posting it on Instagram, I’m not sure I understand you. You’d still have to pay money for the book, which means Milo still makes a profit, whether you destroy the end product or not. He’s not going to care about your feelings. Save that $30.