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By D.L.


(Please refer to the diagram below)

I am on the left, in the yellow bus en route to work. The orange car of which we are adjacent, has stopped as we both have red lights. Bonsai Bicycle extraordinaire on the right gets the green, and heads towards the CBD – hence the arrow. The X marks the location of where his bicycle suddenly stopped working, and the pedal entirely disconnected from the bike.
Like, fell off. From the rotary thing.

I had no idea what to make of it. This guy had to gather his things and rush along pronto to get out of the way of now oncoming traffic. I wrote a poem about it.

This man was of Asian descent, so respectively, this one is called ‘Bok-Choy Bicycle’.


Awaiting green¹ with smile unseen, we find a slender chap
Planted firm atop the earth both pedals are attached²
Cogs and wheels with rubber and steel a bicycle in motion
Foam secured upon his dome³ unlatched* he lacks devotion

Ill-prepared and seldom scared he leapt towards direction
Foolishly he did not see the impending intersection
Off he went with cranks unbent unto the destination
Half the weight was bound to drop sure causing no sensation

A foot below a pedal dislodged the man was lost for words
A brief look back, a time to sack the onslaught and the herd
Round the nuts and bolts and things and head towards protection
Overlook what could have been and check the scrap collection.

Stuck inside the far-left lane the bicycle is stalling
Like a flower out of power the pedals here are falling
Scurried along in jeans and thongs† a hop onto the kerb
“This shit is fucked no if’s or but’s” read the Chinese proverb‡

Bok-choy boy** is done for now no method and no movement
This brief encounter was enough to give the bus amusement††
Bok-choy boy is pedal-less and left without good transport
Eyes up to me with none but glee “this country’s a bloody rort”‡‡.


¹ Waiting at a set of lights.

² At this point I could only assume the bicycle was fully functional.

³ One of those shitty $10 Kmart helmets.

* That was unsecured, not locked in. What an idiot.

† He was wearing this deadly combo.

‡ Not a real one.

** Called him this based on his appearance. Sorry mate.

†† The guy in front of me was pissing himself watching this guy. Was a wild morning.

‡‡ My most famous quote. Cheers.