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We’ve all been there. Usually, it strikes at the most inconvenient time, like when your protagonist is about to do something important or the deadline for that article is less than 24 hours away. Whether it’s creative fiction, poetry, or analytical essays, the block is ruthless and stops for no-one. Here at Deadwords we understand the frustration, so we thought we’d help by putting together some tips on how to cope and overcome.

1. Cry

It’s okay, nobody is going to judge.

2. Hide in bed

You should be doing this already. The shadows are your friend.

3. Watch every season of Arrested Development

Michael Bluth has a million more problems than you, this should make you feel better.

4. Cook something

Or get takeout, if you can afford it. You’re a writer so the chances aren’t high. Food is fuel.

5. Burn all the books in your bookshelf out of spite

Uhhh how dare people be more successful than you????

6. I know I said there were only five tips, but also take up smoking and start drinking straight liquor

This is a given. Tried, tested, and approved by Hemingway himself.

We hope this helps. If not, please direct your complaints to The block is a serious ailment which needs to be stopped, and we value any feedback on our handy tips.